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Quick guide to get you and your professional projects online

As a student, we'll go ahead and assume that you've gone online and understand the basics. If you're having trouble please visit our First Website page under resources.

google drive

Loading your project content into your Google Drive is a great way to stay organized. Also, Google Sites quickly and seamlessly links content to your website when it is linked to your Google Drive.

Step 1: Organize three projects you'd like to display

  • include a powerpoint and image per project

Step 2: Upload each of the three projects to your Google Drive

Step 3: Open each of your powerpoint files in Google Drive

  • This step is solely to confirm the file is ok to connect.

You're ready to get started on your site!

google sites

Login to your Gmail account and navigate to Google Sites.

Google Sites will do the heavy lifting for you. Let's take advantage of the templates they've listed for free.

Step 1: Click Template Gallery (upper right)

Step 2: Select the template labeled Portfolio


The Portfolio template has three pages. You'll have to navigate to each one by clicking the page name at the top of the screen or by using the pages tab on the right. On the home page:

  • Fill in your name and occupation

  • Update the picture

  • Under selected work - simplify the section by deleting 1/3 boxes

    • 1 box will host your presentation, the second will host your project image

updating and publishing your site

Step 1: Link the content from Google Drive (project 1 & 2) to your Home page.

  • Make any final updates.

Step 2: Click on the About tab.

  • update the image

  • update your work history and education

  • delete any unnecessary fields

Step 3: Click on the Project Page tab.

  • Link the content from your best project to this page.

    • This should be your capstone or final project

  • Fill in some description and add in any images you have prepared.

  • Delete any unnecessary fields.

Step 4: Click Publish (top right corner), fill in your name, and click Publish again.

You're all done! You're website can be found at

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What's next?

Take a few moments to play around with Google Sites. For those that are curious - Google Domains will allow you to purchase a website name (domain) and link your website to it. Check out Google Domains below.