video communications

The world continues to change but one thing remains the same - we need to connect with our team, customers, friends, family and more.

So... where do we start?

video communication platforms

Explore the big three: Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Teams!

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Google Meet


Google Meet is an excellent way to get connected with your clients, friends and loved ones! The best part - its free and integrated with your Google Account. In just a few clicks, you can get connected.

View Google's How-To guide here.

Google Meet Guide.pdf

ZOOM VIDEO conferencing


Zoom is an excellent video communications option. They offer a free platform that allows you to connect with your favorite individuals. I will note, for those looking to communicate with large groups over an extended period of time - Zoom offers a paid option to fulfill professional needs. Still, Zoom is currently a personal favorite.

View Zoom's How-To guide here.

Zoom Guide.pdf

microsoft teams


Microsoft Teams offers a free option that allows you to connect including unlimited chat messages and video calls up to 60 minutes in duration. An incredible option for Microsoft users!

View Microsoft Team's How-To guide here.

Microsoft Teams Guide.pdf

All three of these platforms offer free options that fit almost any personal user's needs. Signing up is easy and getting connected is only a few clicks away. Take a look!

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