resume development

For those that aren't as comfortable with business writing, don't worry!

Resources are available for those that struggle with writing and would like to leverage the power of keywords during their job search. For those that have a current resume, Jobscan offers an awesome and free resource for keyword analysis.

Creating a Resume

Our Favorite Resume Builders

If you’re looking to create a new resume. Our two favorite sites are Resume and Zety. Both offer excellent organizational tools, and their respective sites are extremely user friendly. Resume’s site offers free resources. Zety allows you to complete a resume using their templates and recommendations but will charge you when it’s time to print or download the resume.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft Word and Google Drive offer several free resume templates that are easy to use.

If you’re feeling extra fancy – offers colorful templates as well. We’ll go ahead and build a sample resume using the tools we mentioned above.

Follow Along! | Our Sample Resume

Please note: our team does not support plagiarism of any kind. These tools are meant to guide you through the process of resume building. They’re great for overcoming creative obstacles and we are all for raising awareness of these tools. The listed tools are not meant to be used for copy and paste. Not only is the practice frowned upon, but many employers respond to dishonesty or misrepresentation with severity.

Our sample resume is available here. Feel free to follow along or use it as a template.