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Getting Your Business Online


Google offers free business profiles for those that register and verify their location. The process is simple and only takes a few minutes. A great way for customers to find you online while offering the flexibility to manage content. Additional information can be found here.


Google offers free website building tools linked to Google My Business. You have the option to purchase your own domain or use a free domain through sites. Example:

Additional information can be found here.


Youtube offers extremely helpful tutorials for web development. Keep a lookout for highly rated videos with positive comments.

Additional Website Builder Sources:

Youtube Channel Recommendations

Udemy Tech | Youtube Channel

  • Udemy tech offers wonderful youtube content for beginners. For individuals that are inspired to learn more and enroll in a full course, the site links back to their educational site Udemy.

  • Udemy courses are paid but include tons of video and instructional content. Udemy often offers special promotions (including holidays and flash sales) bringing their course prices down to an affordable $10-$15 (ish) dollars per course! Check their site every few days for these deals.

  • Course Recommendation: The Complete 2021 Web Development Bootcamp by Dr. Angela Yu

Video Communication Platforms

Google Meet

Google Meet is an excellent way to get connected with your clients, friends and loved ones! The best part about it is that its free and integrated with your Google Account. With just a few clicks, you can get connected. Click on the icon to the right to explore Google Meet.

View Google's How-To guide here.

Zoom Video Communications

Zoom is an excellent video communications option. They offer a free platform that allows you to connect with your favorite individuals. I will note, for those looking to communicate with large groups over an extended period of time, Zoom offers a paid option to fulfill professional needs. Still, Zoom is currently a personal favorite.

View Zoom's How-To guide here.

Both of these platforms offer free options that fit almost any personal user's needs. Signing up is easy and getting connected is only a few clicks away. Take a look!

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