bring your idea to life

We’ve all done it.

You think of an awesome idea and put it off because 'it's not the right time, more research is needed' or 'you focus better on your day off.'

We're here to tell you...

Today is the perfect day to pursue your ideas.

Our goal is to spark inspiration in the community. If you love what we've done; here are the project management tools we used to bring these ideas to life.

We challenge you to pursue your goals, step out of your comfort zone and follow this layout to bring your ideas to life.


Mindomo (Mind Map) | Organize Your Ideas

Mindomo is a free software you can attach to your Gmail/Google Drive account. We can’t speak for every idea, but we’ll generalize and assume you want to make something, advertise on social media, build a website and sell branded clothing to spread your message.

Let’s translate the mind map to an excel template for easy reference.

Project Management | Smart Sheet

Project Tracker Template

Smartsheet offers a free project tracking template that fits almost any project. Use this template to break your project into multiple tasks, add notes and make your goals time sensitive. If you're working on a team, this tracker will allow you to identify team members and delegate responsibilities.

The button below will direct you to the Smartsheet site. Explore the templates for your own projects.


  1. Don't let the tracker below intimidate you. Our team filled the tracker in order to offer as many helpful details as possible. Leverage the tracker to bring your idea to life.

  2. In order for you to keep this as cost effective as possible you will need to make two websites.

    1. The main website will illustrate your brand, your goals, and anything else you’d like to display to build value. This will be built FREE through Google Sites.

    2. The second site will be through Weebly. Weebly will allow you to build a free site that hosts an online store, but you’ll have to use their ‘Weebly’ branded Website name (domain). An example for would be Weebly allows you to do this for free (no coding required).

The idea is that you’ll have a main site and then on a page of your choice you’ll include a ‘button’ with an attached link. When visitors click it, it’ll take them to your Weebly website which includes your store.

In this way you’ll get the best of both worlds. You can have your main site with a custom website name, AND an e-commerce store for FREE.

30 DAY IDEA.xlsx

We won’t do ALL the work for you but we have offered a basic outline to get you started. The template includes resources, task durations, cost breakdowns and more. With a little work, patience and love, you can bring your idea to life in 30 days without a massive initial investment.

Today is the day to start. Be creative, have fun and build amazing content to share with the world. Good Luck!

If you have a dream, pursue it! Leverage these tools to make a plan, prepare financially and work toward achieving your goals.